The Nusaned Pledge

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower the marginalized Lebanese communities,
throughout Lebanon, to live sustainably.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support under-served Lebanese communities to become self-sustaining by offering access to food security, building shelter and providing ongoing opportunities for productive economies. We do this through innovative and effective partnerships with communities as well as locally engaged, international organizations and donors.

Our Core Values

Sustainability empowers people to build their communities. Our programs are conceived with that in mind, created to be affordable and replicable across several areas and various communities, durable in their effects, responsive to the needs of the community, and in harmony with local cultures and the environment.
We ensure complete transparency, efficiency, and accountability in dealing with our donors, partners, and the people we humbly serve, through the steps we take in conducting our projects and by maintaining constant and clear communication with all stakeholders.
Diversity & Inclusiveness
Diversity is an asset and we believe that by helping build links within and across the communities around Lebanon and its diaspora, our country becomes stronger. Additionally, we are committed to developing equal opportunities in the workplace and redressing the imbalance of female participation in the local economies.
Compassion & Integrity
We demonstrate our determination for alleviating poverty in Lebanon by not only identifying and implementing relevant solutions that meet the local community’s needs, but by also abiding by our fundamental values in every aspect of our endeavors. We live by showing honesty, courage, and transparency in our promise and our actions.
Success in any project is a collaboration based on the expertise of individuals creating the collective power of a group. By valuing the knowledge of others, building trust-based relationships with stakeholders and taking a community-participatory approach, we are able to pool resources and experience to reinforce the unity of purpose and create solutions for communities that have themselves had a hand in making the decisions that impact their lives.